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Fishing base "Ark": your own fishing spot! The daily routine the monotony of everyday life, alas, without residue absorbs so rare bright moments of life. And the weekend we often spend not as we would like. Bored with the clubs and cafes, the so-called "rest" at the TV – all this hopelessly tired, body and soul need new experiences, excitement, courage. It's time to change something for the better, and fishing on the Volga in the Astrakhan region will cope with this task. Astrakhan fishing base known noble fishing. We invite you to visit one of the best fishing spots, and in a very real sense – fishing base of the "Ark". The combination of beautiful natural scenery with a guaranteed successful fishing, comfortable rooms of the hotel complex will provide an unforgettable stay even to the most demanding fans of fishing in the Volga Delta. Differently and can not be, because the fishing base in Astrakhan "the Ark" is organizing the pastime of its visitors at the highest level. In "order" their rods more than 50 popular types of fish, which has long been famous for fishing in the Volga Delta. You will be happy to "hunt" for pike, carp, perch, catfish, and many cousins. By the way, about the hunt. We offer not only excellent fishing in the Astrakhan region, but and spearfishing, as well as the most authentic hunting hunting base "Liman". Don't forget: the trophies of your hunting and fishing on the Volga river, will become the envy of others!

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